Wilson FiberTM

In addition to landfill diversion, when landfill owners or transfer station operators implement the Hughes Energy solution there will be further financial benefits gained from the production of Wilson FiberTM.

Instead of landfills burying the organic material, it now is a useful saleable commodity, allowing reduced operating costs for the operator, and increased profits.

Customers are only responsible for the sale of the recyclable materials and the disposal of the 5-7% of MSW which cannot be used after processing by the Wilson SystemTM.

Diverting 90%+ of waste stream increases landfill airspace and extends the useful life of landfills.

Uses Of Wilson FiberTM
  • As a homogenous material, it is the best feedstock for anaerobic processes, gasification and increases return for pyrolysis (no pre-shred)
  • Has Clean Coal designation in UK and EU
  • Can be mixed with coal for lower-sulphur emissions
  • The fiber has a unique legal status in the UK/EU as an End of Waste material and suitable for use as a waste-derived fuel to be sold in commercial and domestic markets
  • Is a feedstock for the production of Biofuel or Biochemicals