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Hughes Energy can help Transfer Stations reduce trans shipment costs by up to 90% and can help Landfills divert 90%+ of MSW from the ground.

Want to test your own waste stream?

Wilson and Hughes have built a Micro Fibre Production Plan located in York, England.

See for yourself on a small scale system how our technology will convert the biogenic fraction of MWS into Wilson Fibre and produce sterile recyclables.



Process Overview

Arrival of waste.

Reception of unsorted waste. There will be an inspection and manual extraction of oversized items.

Steam Treatment.

Automatic loading of autoclave with 20 tonnes of unsorted MSW.

Post Treatment Separation.

Screening out the Wilson FiberĀ® from other collected sale products by automatic and/or manual methods.

Fiber output.

The fiber is screened and when required can be dried and refined. Wilson FiberĀ® (renewable fuel) is then sold/used for renewable power generation.